Terms and Conditions (Jan 3, 2021)

Seller terms

Any party using the Paddle service to sell their item at auction ("Seller") agrees to the following terms:

Seller will NOT sell items that have been obtained illegally, such as stolen goods, on the Paddle platform. Paddle reserves the right to cancel and delete any auction, and is NOT required to provide an explanation.

Seller will pay a listing fee, if any, when specified by Paddle during listing of an item. (The listing fee is free as of Jan 1, 2021)

Seller is solely responsible for communicating with the winner, and the timely delivery of items sold in auction. Paddle will provide the contact details (Twitter account) of the winning bidder.

Bidder terms

Any party using the Paddle service to bid on an item at auction ("Bidder") agrees to the following terms:

In order to place a bid, Bidder will be prompted to pay a small lightning invoice ("Deposit"). The Deposit will be refunded if the Bidder is outbid; if the Bidder wins the auction, the Deposit is settled to Paddle as an auction fee. The Deposit is NOT subtracted from the winning Bidder's obligation to the Seller.

Bidders are trusted in good faith to report any items suspected of being stolen or otherwise illegally sold on the platform to Paddle, using the "Report Auction" feature.

Winner terms

Any party using the Paddle service as a Bidder, whom wins an auction ("Winner") agrees to the following terms:

The Deposit submitted by the Winner will be settled as a fee payment to Paddle. Winner forfeits any claims to their Deposit upon conclusion of the bidding process.

After the conclusion of the auction, the Winner shall wait for communication from the Seller, and arrange payment and delivery between themselves. Paddle is not responsible for the ultimate payment or delivery of items and services sold on the platform.

Privacy Policy

Paddle uses Cookies to provide a smooth auction experience, and nothing more. Paddle may collect a small amount of analytics data, using Umami, an open-source web analytics software. We don't give your data to google.

Paddle stores all information regarding current and past auctions, including bids and images, in compliance with local regulations which apply to Trustless Services K.K.

Paddle allows users to log in using their Twitter account with read-only permissions. Paddle will only use this information for authentication & for email notifications.

Paddle aims to collect as little personal information as possible - we are open to suggestions as to how we can improve privacy while maintaining accountability.