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Vintage NFT Kojipepe auction(伝説のNFT?Kojipepeオークション)

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    Twitter: @Coin_and_Peace

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    One of vintage Rarepepe NFTs. Series 5. 100 supply. Rare. I just ain't got the time right now to sell this pepe one by one. 伝説の?Kojipepeを販売。供給量100。適正価格がよくわからないので、とりあえずPaddleで出品してみようと思います。


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    1 BTC = $27829, $1 = 3593 sats.

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    Username Comment / Bid amount Created at
    kon [Comment]: someone extend the time and compete
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: 3 minutes to go. Will I be able to leave Sukiya soon?
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: Toxic!
    kon [Comment]: I can only believe in bitcoin too
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: Who is Kon? lol
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: The game is on. Will this be the last extension!?
    kon [Comment]: KOJIPEPE needs me and I need KOJIPEPE
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: I just ain't got the time right now for Paddle @Sukiya
    Sattttttttt [Comment]: I'm sorry, but I'm half
    Satoshi 🅱️akamoto [Comment]: You gotta keep working, KOJIPEPE needs you
    kon [Comment]: was it joke? not joke? oh??
    Sattttttttt [Comment]: Give me proof that you slept:/ I can only believe in bitcoin
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: So, Kon admits defeat now!?
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: lol
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: I think this auction is coming to an end very soon... I honestly don't know which one is going to be the last one standing. Or maybe there is going to be someone else lol
    kon [Comment]: It was joke.... That's all I can. lololol gg
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 7,500,000 sats ($2,087)
    kon [Bid]: 7,400,000 sats ($2,059)
    kon [Comment]: I'm sending BTC more and more and more and more!!! You all have no chance!!!!!!!

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