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I'll mention your twitter profile in my tweet | Fun | Auction Testing

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    Twitter: @alphaN1

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    This is the profile you're gonna be promoted on: What you will get: random message with your mention P.S. Graig Wright is a fraud.


    Shipping in 2 day-period after auction is finished

    1 BTC = $17159, $1 = 5827 sats.

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    Paddle [Comment]: Hey there Honey₿adger! Thanks for testing Paddle out. We waited before bidding to see if your invoice would be held without issue for an entire week. (Also we wouldn't have bid if you hadn't specified that this was a test!) Reach us at @paddle_dot_bid if you have any questions & thanks again :)
    Paddle [Bid]: 200 sats ($0)
    AUCTION HOST [Comment]: Wow! I've got the first bid made by me. Thats nice!
    AUCTION HOST [Bid]: 100 sats ($0)

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