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Legendary crypto collectible series: Satoshicard (Spells of Genesis Counterparty token)

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    Twitter: @Coin_and_Peace

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    This is a Spells of Genesis(SoG) game asset as well as a legendary crypto art/collectible issued on Counterparty. SoG is the first notable game to tokenize game items on blockchain and pioneered the crypto art and collectibles well before the concept is more widely recognized as NFT and as such. No need to explain Satoshicard to the SoG fans. One of the earliest and most rare and famous SoG cards. Limited supply of 200. (800 was burned after creation) Satoshicard info on a Counterparty explorer. Paddle is a Lightning Network auction service and let you bid with a Lightning payment. You bid with 1% of your desired price with Lightning Network payment and once you're overbid, the deposit will automatically be refunded to your wallet. So if your bidding price is 1,000,000 satoshis, you deposit only 10,000 satoshis on Lightning. (If you are not sure how to make a payment with Lightning, the easiest way to start is to use custodial Lightning wallets such as Bluewallet or Wallet of Satoshi) Once the auction is over and the winner is decided, the winner needs to send the full amount either thru onchain bitcoin payment or Lightning payment to me. Once I confirm the payment, I'll send the token to your designated address. (You need to trust me to not run away with the money but well I won't trash my reputation for this and if you don't want to trust me, just don't bid. That's cool.) Side note: The main purpose of this auction for me is 1. Fundraise 2. Showcase a cool use case of Lightning Network 3. Just for the hell of it I'll use all of my card sales to provide more liquidity to Lightning Network and research Lightning Network's routing network economics. (So, your money will be at least used for something meaningful)


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    1 BTC = $27849, $1 = 3590 sats.

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    Paddle [Comment]: 入札時の注意点:Paddleでは入札時に指定した金額を上限に自動入札されますので、入札時に指定した金額が即座に表示されなくてもご安心ください。
    Satoshi 🅱️akamoto [Comment]: Satttttttさんが威嚇してる!笑
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 13,500,000 sats ($3,759)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 13,250,000 sats ($3,690)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 13,000,000 sats ($3,620)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 12,750,000 sats ($3,550)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 12,500,000 sats ($3,481)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 12,250,000 sats ($3,411)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 12,000,000 sats ($3,341)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 11,750,000 sats ($3,272)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 11,500,000 sats ($3,202)
    All Time High [Bid]: 11,250,000 sats ($3,133)
    All Time High [Bid]: 10,750,000 sats ($2,993)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 10,500,000 sats ($2,924)
    All Time High [Bid]: 10,250,000 sats ($2,854)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 10,000,000 sats ($2,784)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 10,000,000 sats ($2,784)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 9,500,000 sats ($2,645)
    Sattttttttt [Bid]: 9,400,000 sats ($2,617)

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